See it, spot it, report it!

Modern Slavery, Spotting the Signs

Look out for these indicators of forced labour:

– Wages

  • wages withheld, or significant reductions
  • paid less than agreed
  • paid under minimum wage
  • excessive deductions for things such as accommodation, food, bills
  • debt bondage – working to pay off perceived (or actual) loan

– Documents

  • employer does not provide pay slips
  • no contract
  • ID held by employer

– Threats

  • physical threats/violence
  • verbal threats
  • threatened with losing job
  • threatened with deportation if victim reports situation

– Work conditions

  • health and safety regulations ignored
  • clothes may be unsuitable for the job
  • required to pay for tools
  • working excessive hours
  • no/few breaks
  • dependent on employer for transport

– General

  • may speak limited English
  • may be reluctant to disclose their exploitation
  • unaware of where they are
  • unaware of their home address
  • bank accounts opened in their name
  • no access to their own bank accounts
  • may be forced into criminal activity

Look out for these general indicators of potential slavery:

  • Isolation
  • often kept in isolation from non-victims
  • often unaware of where they are

– Physical appearance

  • unkempt
  • often wearing the same clothes
  • shoes/clothes in a poor state
  • may not be able to wash regularly

– Control

  • rarely allowed out alone
  • ID documents may be withheld
  • may be constantly monitored

– Living conditions

  • living in crowded conditions
  • often living with other victims
  • may live and work at the same address

– Not seeking help

  • may not realise they are being exploited
  • distrustful of authorities